Berlin, Germania

EAO Congress (European Association for Osseointegration)

On behalf of the European Association for Osseointegration, it is our pleasure to announce that the EAO’s 29th annual scientific meeting will take place in Berlin, Germany, 8–10 October 2020. The meeting will be organised in cooperation with the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI). The three-day event will feature world-renowned speakers and attract thousands

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Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium

Experience the innovations set to reshape implantology. #nbgs2020 Nobel Biocare Global Symposia bring together dental professionals from all over the world to celebrate knowledge and genuine innovation backed by science. Following the success of the 2019 Global Symposium in Madrid, we are delighted to invite you to our next landmark event. A diverse scientific program